Hey Jeff Baij! Read me!

So I know I am little late to the barrage of questions that you are receiving… But maybe you will take some time and answer mine, too.

First of all, What do you do for a living? And by that, I really mean how do you make money? You said on your blog that you have only made $62 and some change selling your pieces, which is hardly enough to pay for internet access.

That leads me to my next question… How do you sell your work? Do you sell the jpg or giff file? Do you print it out? How do you feel about your work that is only supposed to be viewed digitally being printed?

How do you display in a gallery? Is it all projection? Or do you print files and display them that way?

Why do you make art? What inspires you?

Is your true personality and the you that makes art, the same person?

Why are you afraid of hippos? What did a hippo ever do to you?


I think that sums up my questions for you… Thanks!

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  1. so i do graphic design/web design for a vacation rental company in venice (which is sort of real money)

    the only art money i made was from mitch trale (http://mitchtrale.com/) commissioning me to do some gifs for him, thats the 62 bucks.

    so anyway to the matter of selling and displaying, i have literally no idea how to go about it. it’s kind of the big question with net art in general right now. how to sell digital and infinitely reproducible artwork. i dunno, any ideas? i’m all for people printing out my stuff though, go for it! i’m not really into projecting anything though, or having computers in the gallery for whatever thats worth.

    i’m inspired by being online all day. i know that sounds like a cop out but i <3 the internet and i just want to add stuff to it all day long. in terms of the "personality" that makes my art, its me, but its a seriously amplified version of certain traits i have that seem uh, artistic? i dunno branding is a big part of being an artist, dont let people tell you an different. so its half me and half pretending to be cool. haha okay but dont tell anyone that.

    hipps are deadly. the kill tons of people. they can run underwater like 40mph. that is terrifying. also their mouths.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    April 14th, 2012