the last straw…

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  1. Wick

    Hello, Jessica! This is Amanda. I’m going to comment on your single image narrative since no one has done that yet, but I’m going to be referring to all three within this comment.

    Firstly, I love how you don’t have an image of the finished cupcakes themselves! It’s like you’re asserting that the finished product is the empty wrapper, rather than the food it contains, which I think is really interesting in relation to what that says about food in our society.

    I also appreciate that you chose the empty wrapper as your single image narrative. Somehow it’s more interesting than a picture of the beaters in the batter or something like that–probably because we’re used to thinking of the process of baking, but not as accustomed to consider the “trash” it leaves behind.

    In terms of suggestions, the only thing I can really think to mention is the fact that the shadows in the picture of the water (or possibly oil!) being poured into the dry ingredients seems a bit severe. But hey! If you wind up making cupcakes anytime in the near future, that’d be a really easy (and tasty) thing to fix.

    Thanks for sharing!

    March 15th, 2012

  2. kmunnis

    I think this is a really nice ‘last’ picture to encompass them all. It’s the finished product but it alludes to a much greater process of events.
    The only thing I want mention is that, like Amanda said it’s the “trash” that’s left behind and this looks a little too clean to me- as if a little crinkle, or a few crumbs would give it some more animation.

    Loved your whole concept! And those cupcakes look like they were delicious!

    March 15th, 2012

  3. Joann

    Hey! I think that your images are done nicely and that each grouping (7 photos, 5 photos and 1 photo) individually do a nice job of telling a narrative. The only critique I have for you is that there is a disconnect between what story is being told by each grouping. I can easily tell that the group of 7 photos is telling me that someone started baking something and those turned into cupcakes, and then the cupcakes were consumed. In the 5 photos, I can tell that someone makes cupcakes, but the last photo is pretty ambiguous…and I’m not sure what the little mouse is and why it’s in the photo? As for the 1 photo narrative, I do not necessarily read into anything about the process of baking itself, but I do get that a cupcake was eaten.

    March 16th, 2012

  4. Joann

    p.s. should have brought cupcakes to digi! 🙂

    March 16th, 2012