Artist Roger Sayre

Roger Sayer creates mostly conceptual based art work. He seems to create mostly items that interact some how with the viewer. He also uses a lot of non-traditional mediums like pin hole cameras and paper airplanes. As a Professor of Photography at Pace University he says in an interview that being a professor gives him more time to work as an artist than if he were working a 9-5.

I can really appreciate his work. The thought process behind Aesop’s Dog and Mirror Chair are extremely evident. Those two pieces in particular are fascinating. However, my favorite piece is Sitting. I love the thought process behind it, and the idea of creating a “real” self portrait. I also really enjoy the ambiguous-ness of the photo and the fact it could have been taken anywhere at anytime.  The fact that he also built a huge pin hole camera is pretty amazing, too.

Here is one of his shots from Sitting.

Artist Matt Siber

So Matt Siber… Super cool artist.

A little bit about him and his medium first. He works with photography, sculpture, installation, and video art. His art deals with mass communication and consumerism. He lives in Chicago, but has exhibitions all over the world including the Netherlands and China. Currently, he is a bit behind in his work due to a heart attack he had in June of 2011. His last blog post stated that he was going to enlist some student assistants to help him catch back up.

I really enjoyed Siber’s work especially “The Untitled Project” which is a series of photographs are juxtaposed separately from the rest of the photograph. This really explores the issues of communication in public spaces. Seeing all of the text that would normally be included in a photo beside the photo instead makes the view question the amount of “visual clutter” that they are looking at each day. I also enjoyed one of the videos he had posted on his website. It was a thirty minute segment of a busy street in China, however, it played in Chicago. It was a “visual mirror” of the culture. Genius! And incredibly cool.

So his website is:


This piece is from “The Untitled Project” and is one of my favorites!

super cool photoshop website

So the assignment for next week is to come up with a few things that I want to learn in Photoshop. Well, I’ve played around with Photoshop before, but it’s been since high school and Photoshop 7 that I actually played around with different effects. So I did a little research… This website popped up and, boy, is it cool!

In the beginning…

So Digital Art… What is it? What can it BE? And what does it mean to use it?

I’ve been thinking about this since Tuesday when the class got a sneak peek at the blog. I think of digital art as the creation of art with the aid of any kind of technology whether it be a camera, a computer, or printer.
As far as what CAN it be – I think the possibilities are endless. ANY media that can be used could be enhanced with a digital concept if the artist chose to use it. I have seen digital aspects work it’s way into painting, printmaking, and even sculpture. And then, of course, there is media that is solely digital like video arts and graphic design. Digital is really the way of the future.

It’s also a way to get your name out there. There are millions (if not billions) of people surfing the internet on a daily basis, so why not use that to one’s advantage. Many artists now have websites to display/sell/advertise their work, and it’s an effective way of communicating with an audience.

What does it mean to use digital art? Honestly, I think that sometimes the term is used loosely. But, really, I guess the word “art” is used pretty loosely sometimes, too. Just because someone uploads a photo in Photoshop and runs a few effects over doesn’t mean it’s digital art, or really even art for that matter. Digital art (and art, too) is about originality and thought process. Using digital art takes work and thought process, just like any other type of art. On the other side of it, I think digital art is a way for those who “can’t” paint or draw to be creative.

Thought for the day: I keep thinking about Christine Buckton Tillman’s ceramic chain links. I can’t get them out of my head! Need to create something inspired by them.

Words to think about: reminiscent, childlike, naive, wide-eyed, childhood…