studio spaces after graduation.

So I found a few interesting studio spaces in the northern Virginia/DC area… Here they are…

Torpedo Factory Arts Center

The Workhouse


A. Salon, Ltd

52 O Street Studios

Lee Arts Center

and of course…

my house.


My job is on the list for artists! CAD designer. yay!

pictures from college night…

just a few other pieces that i saw on college night at the VMFA…

Art at the Museum.

So there were a few works that really inspired me at the museum… This was one of them. Ryan McGinness, “Art History is Not Linear” was one of the first pieces that I saw in the museum. There are a few things about this piece that really got me thinking. The first is all the shapes. While McGinness’ medium was acrylic paint in a screen printing process, I can see using a  block print process and getting a similar effect (which is mostly what I am interested in). Another idea that interests me is the “marriage of abstraction and representation.” I love the idea that while a piece is abstract, it can still include recognizable images that carry meaning. I plan to explore some of this in my own artwork.

Another piece that really inspired me was this one. Kristen Baker, “The Prig” is extremely colorful and full of movement. It is acrylic on PVC sheeting. This piece really made me think about how I could take my work to the next level. I have worked with PVC sheeting before (sewing peeled paint on it), but the process of this intrigued me. Scraping away paint on top to reveal the color underneath. Cutting out pieces of solid color. Using palette knives and other miscellaneous tools. I also thought it was really cool that a lot of her inspiration comes from Formula One racing.

The last piece that I want to share my thoughts one is this one. Kiefer Anselm, “Landscape with Wing.” Sitting in front of this painting, I saw more than just a landscape. I see people walking through the landscape, and a mountain range in the background. Relating it back to my own work, I am seeing a common theme throughout the pieces that I found interesting. They are all abstracts, yet they all have some sort of recognizable meaningful imagery in them. Whether it be suggestive icons, symbols or even paint splatters, each of these paintings, while still very abstract, has a distinctive meaning that can be found by the viewer. This is definitely something that I want to see develop in my own work.   

VMFA college night.

So honestly, I was really expecting college night at the VMFA to be a little lame. Much to my surprise, I had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to go back to see the museum in it’s entirety. Lauren and I carpooled together, and we arrived at the museum around 6:30. It didn’t open until 7:00pm, but we took that time to discuss each others work. When it opened, we just started exploring. Trying to do the the scavenger hunt on the first time at the museum turned out to be a little more than we could handle. So we scratched the scavenger hunt and just concentrated on the museum and the art. In short, it was an amazing night and extremely fun. I can’t wait to plan a trip back!

graduate school.

So all the discussions, homework, and the article on Chicago graduate schools has really got me thinking about it. I had really never thought graduate school was an option for me, but the more I think… the more I want to give it a try. There was also a time when I thought I would never be able to finish my B.A., but here I am, going back to school after almost 5 years of being gone. I don’t think i’ll be able to pick up and move somewhere, or even go full time, but i think there may be a way to make it work. A little more research is necessary. Maybe I could even just get something online. It didn’t seem important before, but it does now. I’ll have to think on it a little more to get to the root of why.

The article on Chicago graduate school also got me thinking about life after school. Most people won’t get jobs in a creative field. There are simply not enough jobs out there in the arts field to accommodate every single studio-art major. It’s just not possible. It makes feel a little lucky that I actually already have a job in a Communication and Interior Design department. There are very few people that will make it as a career studio artist. I’m curious if I had known what I know now way back when I was a senior in high school, if I would have chosen the same path. I would like to think so, just because of my passion for art, but… Hmm. Another one of life’s little mysteries, I suppose.